Transformation Group- 2018

Posted on 11-16-2017 by KJ in CFM


Hey CFSP, I️ am super super excited about this!!! Like super excited and think it is just another awesome thing CFSP has to offer and I️ am in need of some help myself! I ran a group a little like this at CFM and had some really amazing results!! Actually saved a life ( that will be a day one story)!!

Looking for at least 10 really motivated individuals who are willing to commit to a long term (9-12 month) transformation group. The emphasis will be on setting goals and achieving results, physically, personally, as well as professionally.

*goal setting
*positive mental change
*learn how to adopt a Pooh vs Eyore mentality
*one on one life coaching (we all need this whether you think so or not)
*nutritional and performance support

Starting in mid January…. formal group quarterly assessments with biweekly then monthly individual meetings throughout the year.

$150.00 per person

If you are interested or know someone who is please email  or just let me know when I see you.

Time to take back the power and control!!