Wednesday Words

Posted on 11-01-2017 by KJ in CFM


Today I read a post from a good friend an thought I would share because it is the essence of why we do what we do. It is the reason why we want you to come to CFSP. It’s why we say we hope this is the best hour of your day. It serves a purpose, not just as a physical benefit but a mental one as well. Moving, fitness, exercise in any form helps erase the cobwebs and gives you a sense of control especially on those days when it seems that your world is spinning out of control! We all have stress, sometimes big, sometimes small. On your busiest, most stressful days, are the days you NEED to fit fitness in!! Those are the days that your body and mind needs it most!

As a side note: This friend’s name is Dave Saldanah. He was born with a disease called Hydrocephalus, or more commonly known as water on the brain. He was never allowed to play sports when he was younger. As an adult, and against his doctors orders he tried CrossFit. He was tired of letting his disease dictate his life. He wanted to take back some control. He has surprised his doctors and family,  and surpassed any expectation anyone had!! From some one who could have so much to not be grateful for, this is his reflection:

“As I lay down after a long day of work. I think about my day, I am reminded of why I enjoy the world around me but I am particularly pointed at my workout. In the process of getting into the heat of a workout, in that very moment it is the only true time nothing else matters, money, stress from work, where I have to be next. When I slam on that rower or do a dead lift or a handstand, I am in control. I get to decompress!! Fitness should be a staple in one way or another for everyone life if for nothing else just to get a mental break and to feel good about your self!!”

Read this again. Be thankful.