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Posted on 10-18-2017 by KJ in CFM

Why I fundraise for Barbells for Boobs:

Diagnosed at the age of 27, I paid for all of my diagnostics tests after being denied services. I was deemed too young and not a risk. I found Crossfit in 2011 and shortly discovered Barbells for Boobs. Their mission is now my mission. No person, regardless of age, sex or financial means should be denied screening services.

Barbells for Boobs story:

Cecy’s Story: The Founder, Z, started the organization when her best friend was denied services after discovering a lump on her breast at the age of 26.  Breast cancer is the only cancer that has an age and gender requirement. Z’s mission is to close the gaps in care so that people like Cecy don’t have to battle for diagnostic services.

To date Barbells for Boobs has raised funds for 38,000 Procedures, 271 cases of breast cancer have been detected

We wouldn’t be able to accomplish the work we do without communities like Crossfit Science Park. Our fundraising is as unique as our programs.  We are not like traditional fundraisers where you pay a $49 fee, run a 5k, and receive a shirt.  We host a peer-to-peer platform, and it’s FREE to get started. You just go to, start a fundraising page, ask your friends and family to support you by donating to your page.

Rewards: As you collect donations we REWARD you! We start at $80 with a T-shirt, as that is the cost to help one person. We also have a $400, $800, and $1200 reward.

Please join us this Saturday October 21st for our Barbells 4 Boobs day!! We will be doing Grace the traditional Barbells for Boobs WOD! Join in the fun, cheer on other athletes, make a monetary donation, or do all three!!! Bring friends, survivors or those you know currently battling for an empowering morning!!

Looking forward to seeing you all here!!