Punishment or Reward??

Posted on 09-27-2017 by KJ in CFM

Found this article while I was looking through some health and fitness articles. Thought it had a good message. It isn’t only important that we exercise and move but the reasons why are just as important and a really good indicator at our success at sustainability!! Whats your why?? What motivates you?? Why do you show up day in and day out to CFSP!!! Working out should never be about punishment or making up for some thing you perceive as “wrong”. It should be a positive benefit and reward for choosing a healthier life style!!

Good Reasons to Exercise:

  • To be more, not less
  • To get stronger
  • To relieve stress
  • To do something you enjoy
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To see what your body is capable of doing
  • To improve your quality of life
  • To discover the overlooked benefits of strength training: good sleep, disease prevention, heart health

There are numerous other good reasons to move your body, but you get the idea.

Unacceptable Reasons to Exercise:

  • Punishment
  • To “earn” food
  • To work off a large meal
  • Because you over undulged
  • Because you hate how you look and you’re trying to hate your way to skinny.

So be mindful of your why…..it may make the difference in whether you do or not!