Falling Into Fitness

Posted on 09-15-2017 by KJ in CFM

Falling Into Fitness Challenge:

6 Weeks to get back on track before the holidays start!!


If your goals are:

to loose weight

tone up

improve performance

to be held accountable

Then this challenge is for you…..

6 weeks

$30 per person

point system- prizes for highest points and other categories

kick off meeting 9/23 at 10:15 am.

Last day to sign up will be Wedneday September 20th.

We need at least 10 people to run this challenge!


Starts on Monday 10/2 till ends Sunday 11/12

First meeting takes place Sunday 9/23 @ 10:15am.


Goals- 1 point per goal (3 max)
 Journaling = 1pt each day (I will be collecting weekly)
 Falling into Fitness WOD completion = 5 pts/5pts
 Team meetings (include weigh-in) = 5 pts each
 Bonus Challenges = 5 pts
 Going to CFSP = 1 pt each time you go (max 3 wkly)

Team Meeting/Bonus Challenges:
Team meetings are every Saturday at 9:15 am unless we have a challenge outside of CFSP!

Heres some ideas for what meetings/challenges will be:

Team Meeting/Bonus Challenges:
 Rowing challenge
 Beach challenge or sleeping giant
  Scavenger hunt
 AB or sit up challenge
 Nutrition clinic; cook-in
 Yoga/Fit class bonus pts
 Week of fitness
  Mobility, stretching

Hand in your tally sheets, weigh-in, participate
in meeting and score extra points.

Cash and other mysteriously awesome prizes awarded for:

 Individual w/highest points
 Individual w/highest % weight loss

and more…

Join our Falling into Fitness Challenge!!!