Meet Coach Tom Kay

Posted on 08-31-2017 by KJ in CFM

“I had been an athlete all my life. After playing college football, I was tired and had no desire to train. So I stopped. I got soft and really unhealthy. Fast-forward to my late 30’s and fitness became a matter of health. In the summer of 2008 I did my first CrossFit workout in a friend’s backyard. I was hooked. I grew to love everything about CrossFit; the community, the friendly competition, and the discipline. I love CrossFit and what it has done for me. My greatest hope as a CrossFit coach is to share that with others.”  Tom is also a pastor and married to his wife Gayle and has two boys.

We have  known Tom for many years and we are very lucky to have him coaching here at CFSP ! Tom will be here for a month, hopefully more, to take some of the burden off of Coach Dan. He will be here on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings. Dan has a tremendous amount of trust in Tom’s coaching ability and style and feels very comfortable he is leaving you in good hands during these classes!!

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