I Love CrossFit…….

Posted on 08-30-2017 by KJ in CFM

One of the reasons I love Crossfit so much, especially being a mom, is because we encourage you to go out of your comfort zone. We allow failure, even embrace it. We realize that to move forward and progress, you have to fail attempts along the way. You cant be afraid to push hard and through. What a beautiful lesson for life!!

There is so much pressure outside the box to perform perfectly. School, work, home. Its just so nice to have a place where when you fail you get a slap on the back for trying, constructive criticism to use toward your next attempt, and the support of those around you. No one leaves you, or makes you feel bad. You get back up and try again! Plain and simple. There is no can’t.

I see this level of confidence  in my own two girls. Growing up CrossFit or not? Who knows but I like to think it has  had a really huge impact on the way they see the world. Mia is a soccer player. She is a really really good soccer player. She has had phenomenal coaching, she is strong and powerful from doing CrossFit, but what separates her from most is that unwillingness to give up.  She will give 110%  of herself  on every single play, she will shoot on goal again and again, and she will make mistakes. But she will go back out and try at 110% again. She doesn’t let the fear of failure stop her from finding her potential.

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from finding your full potential!!