Happy Friday… Fill Your Jar!

Posted on 08-18-2017 by KJ in CFM

Finish the week out strong!!

New gear is in.. please stop by the front desk to get yours!! There are a few left over for purchase as well.

Saturday you can bring a friend or family member to the 9:15 class to try it out!! Tired of trying to explain it, let them try it for themselves!!

Not sure about your house but our house has been following the little league work series over the past few months. 

One of the teams in the softball finals had a pitcher who had a jar. In the jar was a layer of dirt from each of the pitching mounds that she pitched on during her journey to the finals. Each layer was labeled with the date, place and game information.  I love this idea! Now they had no idea how far the team would go in thew beginning, so that jar filled with layers of mound soil could have just had one layer of dirt in it. But even had they only played one game, still pretty cool for her to have it and be reminded of the awesome experience every time she looked at that jar on her shelf because little memories and moments  deserve a jar too! There are so many small moments in life that just pass.  The big ones we tend to take a picture of on our phone and post it to all of our social media, but then we forget. How cool would it be to have a jar and each day we place one memory from the day in it?

As her dirt filled the jar, so do her memories of her experience. She never knew what the next layer or memory would be or bring! And as you fill your jar, so will yours!