CrossFit Lingo

Posted on 07-11-2017 by KJ in CFM


I have been around for a while but I do remember when I first started and not knowing what the heck a burpee or pistol was. When we started writing on the whiteboard and adding numbers and tempos, forget about it!! So for all of you newer crossfitters here is a great tutorial for all the lingo you will hear during your WOD at the box…

The different movement can be confusing too.. for instance the clean…. many people don’t understand the difference in cleans so here is a little cheat sheet for you:


Clean: starts from the ground and includes a squat and ends at the top front rack position

Power clean: starts from the ground and does not include a squat

Hang  power clean: starts above the knee, no squat

Hang squat clean: starts above the knee, includes a squat


Below is a link for you to read if your looking for some more explanations!