New Faces at CFSP

Posted on 07-07-2017 by KJ in CFM



There has been a few new faces around this week! We love this community and cant help but tell the world how great you all are!! We sent an email out to Yale employees inviting them in for a free week of classes and have gotten a super response! We used to do a free trial class but realize that one class may not be a good representation of the community and programming. Please extend the invite to anyone you may know!  Thank you, also,  for your patience while Coach Dan is attending to the trial members during regular classes, and for your welcoming embrace. I have gotten a lot of great feedback and what the newbies are saying is that everyone was so nice and they felt welcomed to be here!!

One week free for the month of July to any new member!! Don’t forget that if they join you get credit for your referral!!

We are also partnering with Yale and are going to do a free informational “Debunking the Myth of CrossFit”….so if there is anyone that you know that isn’t quite ready to take a class but is interested in learning more, please put their contact information on the sheet at the front desk. We will send them the official invite when the time comes.. we are looking to do this in September/October time frame!!

Reminder: Beauty counter will be here tomorrow am as part of our Holistic Wellness initiative. Take some time to come in and ask some questions and gain some knowledge.

Have a great weekend!!

I will be here WODing tomorrow at 9:15 if anyone wants to join me!!