Ya, I’ve seen that on TV…..

Posted on 06-29-2017 by KJ in CFM

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One of the biggest obstacles in growing a CF community is the connotation that “CrossFit” has for a lot of people.

They watch it on TV or read articles and think what they see and hear is what it is and 100% correct.

Here’s the truth:

97% of crossfit athletes will never compete, at any level past their local competition.

We are (CFSP) 100% committed to making sure you do things correctly and safely.

Not all affiliates are created equal. I have seen some really great coaches and affiliates and some really bad ones! We aren’t a franchise… do your homework.

We don’t flip tires and run miles on end.

You have a better chance of getting hurt in your normal day to day life than in a good cf environment.

and the list goes on!!

We are going to be partnering with Yale and putting  on a “What is CF?” presentation.

We need your help with this: 

I have a sign up sheet on the front desk and we are looking for people to invite. If each of you wrote down two or three people, names and contact, that you think would be interested in learning more about CFSP, that would be sooooo awesome!! I promise we won’t hound them, or share their info with anyone. We are just looking to reach out to people you may know that would be interested, who have asked you a 1000 questions about it, or who are sick of hearing you talk about it!! Friends, Family, coworkers, anyone!!

We greatly appreciate your help with this!!

You all will be invited to come too.. maybe I can rope some of you into speaking or demos!! lol!!