KJ’s Corner…..Inside And Outside the Box

Posted on 06-12-2017 by KJ in CFM

White & Olive Green Minimal Health Fair Flyer (1)


 Last week I announced a competition that CFSP will be hosting in October!!

It will be a one day, partner competition held at Mohegan Sun! It is part of a multi sport event that is Powered by CT PowerFit Expo.

I got involved a few years ago. The past two years  it was a two day, team of four and had Elite, RX,  scaled and Masters divisions. Last year we added the kids, Next Generation Games to the fun!

This year we are dialing back a bit and making the comp more friendly to the  RX and scaled athletes. (and kids)…us regular folk!!

There will be cash and other prizes! Its always a great time!! Please look to either grab  a partner  and take part or volunteer for the day!! I always need lots of hands on deck to pull an event like this off!! Look for more info to come!


Dr. Greg will be here this afternoon! Stop by and let him work some magic!

Dr Keith will be here Saturday at 10:30 to talk about mobility and other good stuff!! This is not one you want to miss!!

Performance Clinic (Running) Saturday June 24th!


FREE Saturday Yoga class… check out our new Saturday class!! 12:00noon!

We are also looking to schedule a happy hour one night at Bar New Haven. Probably toward the end of the month, after Lurong is over!!

So very proud of everyone at CFSP!! You guys all rock!!! Keep working hard and being part of such an awesome community!!!