Mind Set- Eyore or Pooh

Posted on 06-07-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Thoughts are powerful; pay attention to yours. Do you encourage yourself with positivity or hold yourself back with negativity? Shift toward positive thinking.

I think the first step in the process of thinking differently and more positive is recognizing how you think. Are you naturally a half empty or half full? How do you wake up each morning? Are you and Eyore or a Pooh??? Recognizing and accepting how we are naturally will make us more aware of how we are thinking and then reacting to our thoughts. The mind is powerful!! It can 100% influence the outcome of any  situation you are in. The body can do amazing things when the brain tells it it can, and can fail just as easy with a different thought process.


Many people each have to choose happy. Its a choice that needs to be consciously made for some, to wake up and despite the natural urge to be Eyore, be the Pooh!!

How can a person change their thought process:

  1. Journal: I know I say this a lot but journaling is so helpful in so many ways!!                                                         Each morning write down one or two things you are thankful for.

2. Before you get up.. think about choosing happy. Literally say to your self “today I will see the positive side to things”. Sounds hokey but try it for a week..

3. Count to three Before a negative thought or comment about yourself comes out… then go back to 2!!


I am, for the most part, Pooh, so even thought I don’t like getting up early..I’m usually in a pretty good mood! My youngest wakes up happy too! There are days however that I have to choose happy and we all fight the good fight against the “I can’ts”!

Adopt the I CAN mantra and see how many more things you can accomplish, how much better you feel by being positive and how you bring others around you up!! Be conscious  of your thoughts and in tune with if you are holding yourself back with negativity. Find the positive and continue to move forward!!!

Choose to be positive today!