What I Want All My Lady Friends to Know About CrossFit!!

Posted on 05-24-2017 by KJ in CFM


I have been CrossFitting since early 2010, for 7 years! I was hooked after my first class. I changed my career so I could pursue my passion. Have worked with a couple of different fitness companies and met 100’s of awesome people; CEO’s, Owners, entrepreneur, professionals, and other CrossFit junkies who also drank the coolaid . I have traveled to Cali, Georgia, Florida, and all around the Northeast because of CrossFit. I can carry all the groceries in the house at once. I feel strong and healthy. I know that if I have to pick up one of my children and run with them to safety I can. I can drag my husband if I had to. I can help lift a car. I can also walk up a flight of stairs, keep up with the kids at an amusement park, heck I can keep up with their day to day schedules. I def think I feel better than I would have had I not found CrossFit.

Here are the top 10 excuses I hear from the ladies…

  1. I don’t want to bulk up!
  2. I don’t have time.
  3. I don’t have money,
  4. I am intimidated.
  5. Its scary.
  6. I see it on TV, and I cant do that,
  7.  I have to get in better shape.
  8. I’m to old.
  9.  I can’t do a pullup,
  10.  I don’t want to workout with guys.

Here is a typical conversation I have as well.

Me: So you should come on down and try a class.

Them: I cant do that.

Me: There is always something you can do! We can modify any movement we do, and everyone has a day one.

Them: But it seems so intimidating..

Me: do you work out now?

Them: well ya , I go to _________. I take the classes and we do you know those things .. burpees, and I throw that big ball against the wall. and we use those dumbbell things.

Me: You CrossFit.

Them: oh.. really..

Me: Yes with an un-certified coach who doesn’t really know how to program and doesn’t really teach you about proper technique and form or modifications. so yes you “CrossFit” already, try a freakin class!

Ladies: Here’s the 411:

  1. You will get stronger, physically, and mentally. You wont look like a guy.  Do I look like a man? You will feel great. You will become independent and be able to help your family if the need ever arises!!  You’ll be able to open the stupid sauce jar! You want the couch moved, you’ll do it and not have to wait for him to get home.  You will be an inspiration to your children, especially if you have daughters!! They already see you as a superhero, now you will actually feel like one!!!!
  2.  You can find 3 hours a week to invest in you!!! We spend so much of our time putting others first. Family, friends, work, all comes before ourselves. We are like the only species on the planet that does that!! Find three freakin’ hours for you!!!!! Maybe dinner doesn’t get cooked or laundry doesn’t get folded.. or better yet, the rest of the family can pick up the slack!! CF is actually tailor made for the busy mom… run to the gym, get into your superhero workout clothes, lift some heavy shit, get your heart rate up for an hour.. then your out!! One hour!!
  3. CF is not cheap. Its not a 10$ a month gym membership that you don’t use. Its an investment into your physical and mental well-being. Its your month of lattes from Starbucks that maybe you can get three times a week instead of five. I’m not saying its cheap and not hard to scrape together, but its worth it!! YOU are worth it!! Give up a little something else that you wouldn’t think twice about spending your money on so you can do this instead!!
  4. /5./6.  Anything new can be intimidating and scary. But you have taken new jobs, gotten married, had kids, bought a house, a car, quit a job, traveled to another country.. you have takes a leap of faith before. This is way less scary believe me!! No one is looking at you! I am in my own hell, I am not watching you!! TRUST me…. I am over in my corner in my own little puddle of sweat!!  We aren’t on ESPN!! That is the top 3% of the people that do CF! NOT US!  I am looking at the clock praying the next three minutes doesn’t kill me. and then I am proud of what I just did.. and you will be too!!! Intimidated!!??, even more of a reason to do this!!! Get out of your comfort zone one more time…. let the magic happen!!

7. You come to CrossFit to get in shape. Its like having a baby… your never really ready!! You aren’t going to get in shape for CrossFit, it would be like doing your nails before you go get a manicure, or cleaning before the house cleaner comes!! Why??!!!  And yes…. we do cardio!!!

8. We train 6 year olds and 70 year olds… you are never to old to start bettering your life!! You only get once chance… make the most of it… start now!!! And in the next ten years you will actually start to look and feel younger! There is always something you can do!! I can’t stress this enough!!

9. Me either… still… there is a lot of things I cant do, but there are more that I can do!! Everyone has a day one. You will do what you can until you can do more!!

10: Working out alongside men, performing the same movements, running the same course, racing against the same clock, is empowering!! Its good for you!! It pushes you to be better! The culture is incredibly supportive of women. There is no ego, or cattiness, ever!!! We support each other, cheer for one another, pick each other up, and inspire one another, across both genders!!

Be the change!! Set the example…live to your fullest,  and love life!

Ladies, you got this!!!!!