Find Your Strong

Posted on 05-23-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Find your strong.

What are you made of….really… Your mind is such a powerful tool and I think more often than not so very underestimated. It can bring you into dark dark places or it can help you to achieve things that you never thought would be possible. Your mind has a very strong tie with your emotions, they walk hand in hand. When things seem possible we are happy, elated and feel strong. When our emotions are somewhere else, our mind tends to tell us to give up and give in. It is here when we can really find our strong. Everyday we are faced with choices. We choose to love or hate, to move or sit still, to create a life worth living or to dwell on past mistakes and missed opportunities. When you are backed against the wall and you have two choices, to give up or fight through, which road do you go down? I think the hardest thing to do is make a decision when you really aren’t sure of the outcome. Not knowing how things will end can be almost paralyzing. And for that we have faith. Faith that this is the path we are supposed to be on now, faith that as long as you keep moving your going in the right direction, faith that what should happen will, faith in making choices. Are you going to make mistakes? Of course, we all do. We all let our emotions take over at times. But its how you come back that determines who you are. Whether you learn from it or repeat it. Its allowing the power of your mind guide you toward your strong. Take that step, that leap of faith, and when you are faced with adversity, you will find your strong.