KJ’s Corner……Inside and Outside the Box

Posted on 05-08-2017 by KJ in CFM


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Hope everyone had a good weekend and are prepped and ready to go for the week!! 

May Member incentive/Contest- $25 for members who have a referral join membership

Fliers fliers everywhere!! If you are happy here at CFSP…please share the love.. take some fliers and pass them out, hang them up, send them to your coworkers… as many as you pas out is as many chances you will get to win a prize at the end of the month.. sign your name to the sheet and tell me how many you passed out!!

IF you have the most fliers returned to us by new members.. its a free month for you!!! 


Today during our afternoon classes we will have Dr. Greg form New Haven Chiropractic and  Sports Rehab here providing complimentary consultations and stretching for you before and after your class!! Come on down and take advantage! Stop in even if you aren’t taking class if you’d like to get some work done!!


LuRong peeps… use this week to get your head in a good space.. buy your journal.. start deciding on which lifestyle plan you want to take and the level at which you feel you will get the greatest success!! If you have not signed up for the challenge but would like to, there is still time!! If you need help navigating the site.. just come on in and I can help you.


Next on our calendar:

 LuRong Challenge starts 5/15… we are at 10 members participating.. looking for a few more!! The bigger the group the better it is for everyone involved!! Accountability and support are huge for success!!

FREE TRIAL YOGA – Thursday May 18th at 7:30pm

Regionals in Albany – 5/19-21

Memorial Day Schedule- 5/29 Memorial Day Murph- 9:00am only.. CFSP will be closed the rest of the day for the holiday.