Making Change

Posted on 05-04-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Most of us are creatures of habit. Most of us don’t really embrace change, and most of us, when given a choice  stay in our comfort zone. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing to some. But we also all know that when we decide to step out of our comfort zones, that’s when good things happen. We grow, we find out what we are really capable of, we take steps towards becoming the person we want to be.

I think the scariest part is deciding to make a change. Once you have committed to the goal, the rest is follow through. And there are things that you can do that will help you be successful!

Step 1: Deciding to make a change.. not just saying oh I want to loose some weight or get that next promotion, but really committing your self to the end goal. Understanding with your whole being this is what you want and you will do what it takes to get there.

Step 2: Identify exactly what you want to change. Make it specific and measurable. I want to loose 1 pound a week. I want to put 25$ in savings every Friday.

Step 3: Why do you want this? What is your motivation? I want to lose 1 pound a week so I can sleep better, exercise four times a week, or whatever your reason is.

Step 4: The Plan. Write it out, tweak it as you go, but have a plan!!! Be specific!

I am going to loose 1 pound a week. I am going to do this by planning my meals out, prepping, and cooking on Sunday. I am going to drink 64oz of water each day. I am going to  eat bread twice a week.

I’m going to get the new promotion that comes along. I am going to do this by  furthering my education. I am going to spend some of my own time working on special projects. I am going to ask for mentoring.

Step 5: Follow through.. sign up for those classes!