KJ’s Corner……Inside and Outside The Box

Posted on 05-01-2017 by KJ in CFM


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Welcome May!! Hoping for more warmer days (like Saturday!)

Thank you to everyone who cams out Saturday! We are truly blessed to be here and working with you all. We love this community that is growing! CFSP is awesome because of all of you!!

Saturday May 6th- Kick off for the LuRong challenge will be at 9:30, right before Amit will be here(10:15ish) talking about his foodie job and why its so important to know what the labels on your food mean!!

Chiroprator- Dr. Greg from New Haven Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation will be here on May 8th between the hours of 4:30-7:30pm. Dr. Greg is a board certified Sports Chiropractor and an International Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He has worked with Team Kaya Dragon Boat Racing, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Spartan Race, and the IPA Push/Pull Showdown to name a few. Dr. Greg is certified in  Kinesio Taping, dry needling, and a variety of instrument assisted soft tissue techniques.

If you would like to get treated or have any questions stop by and check him out!
CrossFit Regionals are being held in Albany this year the weekend of the 19-21st of May! Coach Trevor will be competing at the next level as part of CrossFit Milford’s team.!!
NEW YOGA CLASS will be starting soon!! More details coming out at the end of the week..
Kids classes: Tuesday  and Thursday at 6:30pm
Have a great week!! Crush it!!