Posted on 04-26-2017 by KJ in CFM

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My very good friend and fellow CrossFitter, Amit Sinha will be here May 6th at 10:15 to talk about food labels!! You might think you know what your reading but you’ll be surprised at what your really being told!!
Please read below:

Process Innovation Engineer, Amit Sinha, from Watson has been in the dietary supplement and food and beverage industry for the last 10 years. With an MBA in Marketing and MS in Chemical Engineer, he finds that this is the right combination for his career path. By being able to utilize market research and through ingredient discovery, he’s able to successfully use his processing knowledge to innovate. Innovation is very important to him in both his personal and professional life as stagnation can set in if you one is not challenged every day.

Aside from being a foodie and trying new things, Amit has a passion for Crossfit and movies. He tries to use his work knowledge in implementing a healthy and fit lifestyle. Currently, he finds the plant-based diet an intriguing area with great potential and great products. Amit definitely believes, you have to love what you do so you can fully invest in it!

Here’s what he will be talking about:

How to read an ingredient label? What’s changing on the ingredient label? What are some of those long words that you typically make you think it is processed? Can I still be healthy eating these products that have fancy names on the ingredients? Plus, I’ll go over some supplements and new innovative things that are coming.
Please join us Saturday May 6th!!