Friday Funday!!

Posted on 04-07-2017 by KJ in blog


TGIF…. even thought I work all weekend,  its a different grind.. and I look forward to sitting on my couch tonight and watching TV!!!

Don’t forget that tomorrow morning at 10:15 we will have fellow CF’er Sarah J here to talk about some alternate nutrition options and Life’s Abundance!


This has been my first full week back at it in a while.. feels good!! Taking things slow and steady! Finally feel like I am stepping into a good routine here at our new home!!! Working out is a definite must for my mental and physical health, so happy to be making that a priority again!! Excited to get the nutrition back on track again too with the LuRong Challenge!


Just some updates:

We have had some great  new members join us in February and March!! This is really exciting!! Building a great community makes everyone’s experience here even better!! Keep bringing in your friends and sharing the love!! Full classes are fun!!

We have 5 people signed up for the LuRong Living Challenge AWESOME!!!!… I would like at least 12 of us doing it.. that’s a great circle of  support and we can do some fun activities!!

We have started a kids program: this was the first week and we 5 kids enrolled! Great little group!! They will learn a lot and grow, mentally and physically!!

Whats next for CFSP!!

Teens -looking for a May/ June start

Yoga- looking for a May

Performance Health Series Part 11 -June/July


A look a head: CrossFit Regionals are May .. We  have gone every year .. its a fun weekend and really fun to watch!! CFM, our sister gym, will have two teams competing for a spot in The Games in Cali in August..


The fittest men, women and teams from 17 worldwide areas will head to one of eight regional events over three weekends starting in May for their chance to compete at the Games:

  • Twenty men, 20 women and the top teams will advance from regions in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Thirty men, 30 women and the top teams will advance from Europe and Australia.
  • Ten men, 10 women and the top teams will advance from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

May 19 – 21, 2017 (this is our region)

  • East Regional | Albany, New York |Times Union Center
  • South Regional | San Antonio, Texas | Alamodome

May 26 – 28, 2017

  • Pacific Regional | Wollongong, Australia | WIN Entertainment Centre
  • California Regional | Del Mar, California | Del Mar Arena
  • Central Regional | Nashville, Tennessee | Music City Center

June 2 – 4, 2017 

  • Meridian Regional | Madrid, Spain | Caja Mágica
  • West Regional | Portland, Oregon | Portland Expo Center
  • Atlantic Regional | Atlanta, Georgia | Georgia World Congress Center

Have a great weekend!! Don’t forget to come in tomorrow at 10:15 to learn something new!!

In health!!