Food… Fuel or Filler

Posted on 04-05-2017 by KJ in blog, cfsp nutrition

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In today’s society most of our socialization is based off and around food. Ladies night always involves dinner  and a few drinks, we spend holidays eating with family, when there is a house full of people, most tend to gravitate to the kitchen area, when a friend stops by you offer something to eat and drink. We eat when we are sad, happy, anxious, hungry, or bored, or we don’t eat for those same reasons.  I have always had a very unstable relationship with food and it is only recently that I started looking at food more scientifically vs emotionally.

Consider this: the human body is a finely-tuned biological machine, capable of incredible feats of strength, intelligence, memory, powers of deduction, learning, balance—the list goes on. Like any finely-tuned machine, clean and constant fuel—in our case, food, in the form of protein, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals—needs to be readily available and ingested. If not, this machine will slow down, perform poorly and ultimately, stop running.

It is a long road and hard to change habits that frankly we were born into. I am slowly learning to ask the right questions, know when and why and how to eat, what counting macros is all about, and how my body is effected by certain foods and drinks.

I can tell you what you should be doing.

  • Are you eating four to six small meals/snacks a day, spaced approximately three to four hours apart?
  • Are you having protein in each meal?
  • Are you eating fresh fruit and/or vegetables in three of those meals?
  • Are you drinking less than three 5-oz. alcoholic beverages per week?
  • Are you drinking enough water?

Knowing is just half the battle. Execution is a whole other ball game! I could write pages about the relationship I have with food, there is a long history there that maybe someday will share but for now I just wanted to put this out there because I am doing the Lurong Summertime Challenge. I am excited to be getting another opportunity to execute all of the knowledge that I have learned over the past 7 years! I need accountability!! This is a great way to jump start a healthy way of eating. It forces you to look at food as fuel and as part of the holistic approach to your overall health!

For the challenge we will have a kick off meeting before the official start in May. We will set up a private facebook page. We will have weekly check ins and I will be validating all of your scores and points throughout. I’m super excited to be putting it all out there and get started toward a better me! Join me!!