Hold the Vision… Trust the Process

Posted on 03-29-2017 by KJ in blog

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Hold the vision…trust the process.

I think many of us  spend a lot of our time looking at others in envy, wanting what others either have, do, or have accomplished.  What we fail to realize is that in most cases what we see is the end result of a very long and hard process. Committed to the same process we can have what we envy in others. But most of us (and I am the biggest offender) aren’t committed for the long haul. In a society which now emphasizes quick and immediate results, where at a touch of a button I can be virtually across the globe, where good is never good enough, this is a hard concept. There is an incredible amount of stock put into result, yet the process is the most important part. The process forces you to slow down. The process is where you learn and grow. The outcome is the culmination of all of this, not the beginning. I try and tell this to my daughters, especially my youngest who is all about soccer!! We have spent many hours watching soccer on  TV and have even seen the USA girls play in person,  qualify for the Olympics!!  She asked me one day, “mom do you really think I could be a professional soccer player?” My answer was yes. I think anyone can do anything but those girls didn’t just show up one day in Texas and play for team USA. It started when they were 7 and 8 and outside practicing for hours because they loved it, they wanted to be better, they weren’t satisfied with staying still.

Having goals means committing to a process.

Getting stronger takes time. Building a business takes time. Getting that degree takes time. Trust the process and the path your on. Give your self a break. It doesn’t all have to be done today!! Allow yourself the gift of time and keep  moving forward. You will get there! That first pull up will be the first of many, loose one pound and in a year you have lost 15, that dream job will be a reality, the championship game will someday be yours to win…..appreciate the process!!

Hold the vision….trust the process!!