I Feel Spring!!

Posted on 03-08-2017 by KJ in blog


I feel Spring in the air!! Actually running today!!

Remember to turn your clocks ahead this weekend!!

We have a rep from Kettlebell  Kitchen coming tonight to hand out samples. Stop in and check it out. She will be here from 4:30 on.

We have added a few more clinics to our Holistic Wellness Series!! Saturday May 6th we will have someone coming in that works in the food industry to explain labels and exactly what is in the products you buy!!! He has some really really great inside information!!!

We have had a few people take advantage of our referral program!! Keep bringing those friends!!

We are going to be starting a kids program in April/May!! Very excited about this!!


We are going to be doing another pre-order for gear soon too, for all of you that missed the first go around!!


I am also going to be doing some videos to post about what’s your why? Why are you here? What drives you to be a part of CFSP!!

Great job with testing this week so far!! So many PR’s!!! Keep up the great work and I cant reiterate this enough,,, write the numbers down so you have a reference point for the future!!

Get outside today…

Spend one hour on your future…

Reflect and be thankful…