Monday Madness

Posted on 03-06-2017 by KJ in blog

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Thank you to Amy Plano for coming in this past Sunday and talking Nutrition!! Next up will be Rick Sutterlin and the benefits of massage. Sunday March 19th!

This Wednesday, March 8th from 4:30 on Kettlebell  Kitchen will be here giving out some samples!!! YUM!!


This week and next will be testing weeks.

Why is it important to test and know your numbers?

Much of the work we do in the strength component of our class is based off percentages. Without knowing you personal best then you won’t know a true working percentage. These numbers are important because they give us a reference point from which to do all the other work. If you don’t know these numbers or guess, you wont be getting the most out of your session. I know from personal experience and from watching others that if don’t calculate the percentages out, I will never do as much as I am supposed to and will always short change myself. Even when it feels heavy and I don’t think I can get up to the percentage I am supposed to, most times I do because that’s what the paper says so that’s what I do. I often surprise myself. Knowing these numbers ¬†takes you out of your own head.

Don’t get me wrong there are days when I have to listen to my body and go lighter than I am supposed to, and that’s important too, but I always know where I should be! I haven’t tested in a while, I am excited to see where I am at. These numbers change over time, sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down.. there are many factors that go into testing weeks. Do your best and have fun!! AND KEEP TRACK!!! Journal, my fitness pal, computer spread sheet..wherever, just save them so you can reference them in the future!! Post to facebook your PR”S!! We have had some already today!!!!

Have an awesome week!!!