What day is it??

Posted on 03-01-2017 by KJ in blog, CFM


I probably ask this question like 20 times a day!! Between work, kids, coaching, cooking, cleaning, I,  like all of you put in a good 15 hour day. The days and nights run into eachother. Bedtime feels like a short nap some days and when the alarm, AKA my oldest wakes me up, I moan and groan.

There are days when my best is take out, breakfast and dinner. I have piles of laundry both clean and dirty in various places. I have forgotten to pick up a kid a time or two and gotten the call..”mom are you coming?”

I have overpromised and underdelivered. I am human. I juggle and struggle just like we all do.

BUT, I have this home away from home called CrossFit Science Park. I do try an take time each day even if it is five minutes each morning when I write down my goals and what I am thankful for to reflect on how truly  blessed I am. My family  eats dinner together as a family, at the table, no phones allowed, each night. Some nights it at 9:00pm but hey…  There are hours when I could be cleaning or cooking and in stead I am hanging out with the family watching The Voice.

I guess what this blog is trying to tell you is that despite the crazy hectic lives we lead, make sure there is quality time. Times when despite the hustle an bustle, you can look back on and say..I’m glad i took the time to do that. I happy I made time for CrossFit today. I’m happy I played that board game with the kids. I’m happy I coached their little league team, or was a room mom, or one of the other 50 things we sign up for!!

So the next time you ask, “what day is it?” You are not alone.. I have already asked it like 50 times… am never going to win the mother of the year award, and probably burned dinner because after I put it in the oven, I paid three bills, cleaned the bathroom, and answered a few emails!!

Be Awesome!!