Who is CrossFit Science Park?

Posted on 02-24-2017 by KJ in blog




“Identify who is your ideal client’s attributes. Consider how these qualities contribute to your businesses identity.”…..

I read this in a friends facebook post yesterday and it resonated with me. He is a succesful Crossfit Affiliate owner and has done some unconventional things when it comes to his business, and his box is thriving, and I don’t mean  financially, but as a community!! He has capped his membership and has a waiting list. He has made sure to identify his members and cater to their needs and wants. He knows the culture of the box, recognizes it, values it, and isn’t trying to be something his members aren’t.

I firmly believe that once you shift your mindset from sales to service your clients appreciate you more, believe in you and want to become part of something bigger than any one of us is alone. CF is such a community driven place to be. The community is what makes it home away from home! A safe place, and hopefully the best hour of your day!! We need to identify our culture, recognize it, and value it.

So I am asking you…if you can describe who you are, or the culture of  CFSP in a few words what would you say???

I am seriously asking you to ether email me, post to facebook or tell me in person!!!