Happy Friday!!

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2017 goals


Great week we have had at CFSP!! Most attendance for classes then what the records have shown in a while!! We have some new faces in here, a few doing on ramp, and some awesome energy!! We have some great speakers coming in and performance clinics which will be helpful for any level athlete! We can all use a cue or two!! Gear should be in in the next couple weeks!! We want to thank you for your patience in the transition!! We are excited to be here and to bring you all the best hour of your day and a community and box we are all proud of!!!



We all have them. Most have trouble reaching them. Most days we get caught up on the day to day operations of our jobs, kids, school, and  life, that we forget that we have to work just as hard on our future as we do the present.

Work one hour a day on your future. You have to put in the  work!!

BUT how?

With every goal there need to be a plan of action. This something you see and read and work on everyday!

It is qualitative. It is measurable. It is concrete. It is in the present form. It is in the positive.

A personal goal I hear a lot among friends and members is I want to loose weight or I want to make more money.

It is not enough to simply say it. That’s setting your self up for failure.

For example:

I want to loose weight should be:  I am loosing 1 lb a week for the next 8 weeks. It is measurable, present form, qualitative and concrete and positive!

The most important part: the plan! This also needs to be measurable, in present form, qualitative, and concrete.

I am  woding 3x a week

I am drinking 32 oz of water a day.

I am eating breakfast every day.

I am eating (whatever your recommendation is of protein and veggies per meal) so ie. 4 oz of chicken and half cup of veggies for lunch each day.

Its basically a check list that holds you accountable!

Try it… journal it.. put your goal and plans on your fridge, mirror, in your car, at your desk, wherever you will be reminded to actively work on them everyday!!

If you need any help with establishing goals or making plans we are here to help!!

Have a great Friday!!

Ill be woding at 4:30 is anyone wants to join me!!

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