Member Incentive Contest!!! Feb 2017

Posted on 02-08-2017 by KJ in blog



From today until the end of the month we will be holding a member incentive contest/raffle! Savin Rock and Housatonic Valley, two of our sister gyms are doing the same raffle so we thought we would join in the fun!!!

Drawing will be March !st!!

1st place: One month free

2nd place: $50 gift card to Reebok

3rd place: $25 gift card to Reebok


3 ways to enter:

  1. 1 ticket for every 3 check ins on facebook (accompanied by an attended class)
  2. 1 ticket for every friend or family member you bring in to try a class!
  3. 1 ticket (must be witnessed by a coach) 50 unbroken double-unders. limit 5 tickets for these.

Good Luck!!! Ger those checkins going!!