Monday Madness……

Posted on 01-30-2017 by KJ in CFM

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Not sure about you but Mondays always seem to come up quick and I seem to hit the ground running!! Busy!!

So happy to be here!! As I am sitting here and trying to get all of the back end of the business side of things (one headache after another) done, I am humbled by this opportunity to help others become the best version of themselves. To be able to provide a place where, for one hour a day, you can forget about the to-do lists, the kids, the job, the 1000 other stressors that make up your Monday, and everyday, is awesome!!

I am a journal person. I write lists. I have a journal for my WODs, for day to day operations, and  notebooks for everything… Before I write anything else I try to go through a mental checklist. I write what I am thankful for, my goals for the day  (these will tend to change a bit)….and I write 4  things each day that always stay the same:

These I read over and over:

Spend one hour on your future.

Did you reflect today?

Did you breathe deep and take a time out?

Better than yesterday.



The Gym:

EWe are putting up a pre-order form for t-shirts and sweatshirts at the front desk…if you are interested!

We are looking to get more cubbies for personal belongings.

We are also going to be buffing up the store a bit. If you have any requests, let us know!! The store will be set up eventually where the cubbies used to be!!

Have an awesome day!!