Hello CrossFit Science Park!!!

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Hello CrossFit Science Park!!!

We are soo excited to be a part of your family now! We have met some of you this past week and are very excited to continue to build up the awesome community you already have and  provide the best fitness training in the area!

Here is a little about us!

Dan Loewenberg has been a coach for over 20 years!! Prior to joining the CrossFit Milford staff, Dan was a collegiate football coach for 14 years. It was during this time that he found Crossfit. Dan joined CFM as an athlete in 2010. He began interning at CrossFit Milford in 2012 and was named a Coach September 2013. He has experience coaching adult, teen and kids’ classes, has personal programming and personal training clients, and can lead small group sport specific training. Teams he is currently training include football, lacrosse, and volleyball and soccer! H is

As an athlete, Dan was a finalist at the 2013 Crossfit Games 40-44 year old division in Carson,


Kailey Loewenberg- 15, has been CrossFitting for 7 years!! A high school sophomore involved in Volleyball, basketball and softball, CrossFit has only made her stronger, faster and better in her other sports. She also does to compete in CrossFit whenever she has a chance. She is an excellent student as well, achieving high honors on her advanced classes.

Mia Loewenberg- 12, also has been CrossFitting for 7 years. She is a stellar soccer player and also enjoys playing basketball and softball. She also loves to compete in CrossFit and will be competing at WODAPALOOZA this week down in Miami!! She is also a high honor student.

I was a teacher by trade, with a degree in psychology. In 2010 I was spearheading a 5K fundraiser for my daughter’s school and Jay Leydon, Owner of CFM was my title sponsor. He liked what I did and asked me to do some marketing and promoting for CFM. I thanked him for the offer but said I don’t really do that kind of stuff, I’m not a salesperson. He offered me a full time membership and said “just see what you can do.” It became quickly evident that this was my passion and if you know a crossfitter you know they can’t stop talking about it!! That became me! It was easy to talk about something I believed in and that I saw literally saving lives!! Its family! The community is passionate and helpful and full of great people doing great things. Having been a collegiate athlete, this camaraderie is what I had been missing. The team! Within a year I quit my “job” and went to be at CrossFit Milford full time. What an amazing journey it has been! I also have a kids CF competition series, The Next Generation Games!! In its second year, we had 8 events, up from 3 in 2015 and it continues to grow!

I have met soon many awesome people over the past few years and now have friends all over the world!!

It’s not the path I would have ever thought I would have  taken, but has taught me that if you are open enough, there are always awesome opportunities presenting themselves, and new relationships to be made!!!

Trevor and Justin and Christina, (and  some other new awesome coaches), will still be coaching some and be around. Programming won’t change to much but Dan will be taking it over. Any questions you have about billing or memberships or schedules or anything, I will gladly help you! I wont be coaching but will be doing some weightloss/fitness challenges, organizing some other fun, and in charge of the day to day operations! We are a sister gym with CrossFit Milford so look forward to some multi gym functions, throw downs, and parties! Our website will be updated and social media up to date and encourage you to interact, post, check in, tag, and whatever else you want, to let the world know about how awesome CFSP is!!

CFSP “get to know you” open house for existing and new members will be Saturday January 22st from 9-12!!! 9:00 WOD and open house after. We would love everyone to come in and introduce yourself to us, grab a bite, and hang out with us for a bit!!

We have some awesome plans for CFSP!!! Loo for We are excited to be here and look forward to  taking your journey of fitness with you!!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at kathy@crossfitmilford.com for now..(we will be getting CFSP emails this week)

“For some of us, its way more than just CROSSFIT, its one of the best things in life we’ve discovered and we are proud to be a part of it.”`~ Author unknown

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Kathy, Dan, Kailey,  and Mia