New Year 2016

Posted on 12-31-2015 by sciencepark in CFM


I was listening to a podcast the other day and they had a great discussion on a few topics. I took this talk to our competitors but I also wanted to present it to everyone in the Milford Community.
To start off the 2016 year I will be doing a few post dealing with the neurological components of change, willingness to change and how to do it.
This will be the first post on Fear, Identity, Calling and Admission.
Fear can be hard to deal with. Whether this is in sport, work, life, family, etc.. there are always fears. When I was growing up I had a fear of the dark. Playing basketball presented me with a fear of missing or not being the best. In business there is a fear of failure. With my family there is a fear of not being their for them. The list can go on and on in every single facet of what I do. However, I think where this gets the best of us is how we deal with it.
Too often we try to sweep our fear’s under the rug and not deal with them. The exercise that I was working on with our competitors that I think everyone should do deals with openly presenting your fears. Talking to people about them and truly understanding what they are. This has helped me in many ways. The main one was just understanding them and not being afraid of my fears. It is critical to know that the fear may always be there. However, you want to bring it to the for front so you can learn how to deal with it and not allow it to get the best of you. This in turn can help you realize that 100% of the time the fear is built up by your own doing. Once you can understand what your fears are, you can then work to break them down and not give yourself any restraints or excuses.
So, for the start of 2016, work on your fears. Present them and talk about them with people in your same field. Then work on the ability to overcome them and realize the worst that can happen, really isn’t that bad!
The next component for 2016 is to understand the differences between your identity, your calling and your admission.
Identity: This is never changing. Too often people associate their identity with what they are currently doing, their job, their sport, or a certain situation they are in. It is critical to understand that this ISN’T your identity. My identity is a son to Kevin and Lorraine, a husband to Jocelyn, a father to Abbi and Camden, and a child of God. That is my identity, that will never change and that makes me who I am. If you misunderstand your identity then you can stress about issues that really are not that bad.
Calling: What are you called to do in this given time of your life. My calling is to keep pushing and create a movement with fitness, life style, health, coaching athletes, and teaching people how to be empowered. That is my calling at this moment in my life. What is your calling? What is the last thing you think about before you sleep and the first thing in your mind when you wake?
Admission: This is how you will achieve your calling. How will you set in motion your steps to actively work on what you are called to do.
Your calling and your admission are chapters in your life. These can change and often will change. That isn’t wrong, and the more you can understand these concepts the easier it is to change chapters and not hold on.
The cool thing is that with each chapter YOU are the author. How will you write your chapter? You can make it amazing with a spectacular transition to the next… it is up to you!
Start off this 2016 year strong recognizing your fears and learning how to overcome them. Then, understanding your identity, calling and setting in motion your admission!
Onward –

Coach Jay from CFM