Positive Self Talk

Posted on 09-22-2015 by dminter in CFM

Life is full of curve balls.. sometimes you strike out and sometimes you hit a home run. The beauty and curse of getting older is the amount of reflection that can be done. It is good to revisit the past and remember what worked and equally as important to acknowledge your mistakes. We have all made mistakes. We have all said if “I can just go back I time.” But we can’t, and so it really is about where you go from here that matters. If you have been in the bathroom at CFM over the past few days we have written a positive affirmation on the mirror.

Keep all negativity in the past. LET IT GO! It really is as simple as that. Holding on takes up so much energy and so much space that can be used for a more productive and positive purpose. You cant go back and do over, but you can learn and grow and do better from now on…. at any age. We will be posting some of our favorite affirmations on the mirrors for a while. If you have one that you like, please share and we will put that one up too. Change is hard, not falling into the same negative or destructive behaviors is hard, keeping all of the negativity in the past is hard, but necessary for a happy future!
-courtesy of CrossFit Milford